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Celeste Complete Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

by Nina Matsumoto

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Product Description

Lena Raine's Celeste, B-Sides, and Farewell soundtracks are now all available in one massive, 6-LP set!

Produced by Ship to Shore in collaboration with Fangamer, this new collection is wrapped up in tons of new art from Nina Matsumoto, with foil stamped details. It features all the music from Celeste spread over 11 sides of vinyl, with Lena's signature laser-etched onto the 12th side.

Includes brand new liner notes from composer Lena Raine as well as the remix artists who contributed to Celeste: B-Sides. Each LP is housed in a foil-stamped jacket with even more new artwork.

  • LP 1-3 - Celeste's original soundtrack, completely unabridged*
  • LP 4 - Celeste: B-Sides
  • LP 5 - Celeste: Farewell
  • LP 6 - Madeline’s Grab Bag*

*Contains tracks previously unreleased on vinyl

This Fangamer run was pressed in an exclusive Summit Sunrise colorway.

All orders ship from the Netherlands for a flat €5.
Side A Side G
1. Prologue 28. Forsaken City (Sever the Skyline Mix) 
2. First Steps 29. Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix) 
3. Shattered Mirror 30. Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix) 
4. Resurrections 31. Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix) 
5. Awake
6. Chapter Complete - Ascending
7. Chapter Complete - Normal
8. Postcard from Celeste Mountain
Side B Side H
9.Checking In 32. Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix)
10. Spirit of Hospitality 33. Reflection (Center of the Earth Mix)
11. Scattered and Lost 34. Summit (No More Running Mix)

35. The Core (Say Goodbye Mix)
Side C Side I
12. Golden 36. The Empty Space Above
13. Anxiety 37. Fear of the Unknown
14. Quiet and Falling 38. Joy of Remembrance

39. In Stasis

40. Crash

41. Beyond the Heart
Side D Side J
15. Enter the Mirror 42. Final Defiance
16. In the Mirror 43. Futility
17. Madeline and Theo 44. Reconciliation
18. Starjump 45. Farewell

46. The Woman and the Bird

47. Vovô e Vovò
Side E Side K
19. Reflection 48. Forsaken City (8-Bit)
20. Confronting Myself 49. Old Site (8-Bit)
21. Madeline Levels Up 50. Celestial Resort (8-Bit)
22. Little Goth 51. Golden (8-Bit)

52. Mirror Temple (8-Bit)
Sides G+I feature mixes by: 53. Reflection (8-Bit)
Maxo [28] 54. Summit (8-Bit)
Ben Prunty [29] 55. The Core (8-Bit)
Christa Lee [30]
56. Chapter Complete - Ascending (B-Sides)
in love with a ghost [31] 57. Chapter Complete (B-Sides)
2 Mello [32] 58. Secret Shrine
Jukio Kallio [33] 59. Area 1 Demo (Bonus)
Kuraine [34] 60. wavedash.ppt
Matthewせいじ [35] 61. First Steps (Piano Only)


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