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Two brand-new items join Fangamer Europe's Ace Attorney collection! The Wright & Co. Hoodie features two print locations and a custom-minted zipper pull, while the Turnabout Keychain pairs a minted Psyche Lock with a briefcase full of PVC and cloth charms. Sale at

Servbot Plush on Sale at

Let us send you a Servbot! We're opening space up in our European warehouse for upcoming merch, and that means that while supplies last our Servbots (and their delicious plush curry) is on sale for just €5 each. Pick one up by itself, or take advantage of our low flat-rate shipping by adding one on to an order you were already thinking of making. 

Coming soon at

The Greatest Living Show coming soon

"THE GREATEST LIVING SHOW,” a new song by Toby Fox and Itoki Hana, has a beautiful new video—and that beautiful new video has its own even newer art book, which is coming soon to Fangamer Europe.

It’s a 172-page showcase for the art and animation of BANI, who worked for two years to create every facet of the video, and it’s filled with illustrations, concept art, creator commentary, and more. If you haven't seen the video or heard the song already, visit its website!