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New Lancer Plush available now at

The Lancer plush is joining our Fangamer Europe DELTARUNE collection! It's a tough boy—treat it like one of your ITEMs! (We've also still got Hat Ralsei, No Hat Ralsei, and Spamton in stock.)

New Slime Rancher 2 Plush available at

If you've been looking for a Batty Slime plush, but you have very specific parameters re: its size and malleability, I've got wonderful news for you: Our Big Squishy Batty Slime plush is back in stock, and available at Fangamer Europe for the first time! This one measures 76 cm wingtip-to-wingtip, and it's extremely squishy.

New Sly Cooper Plush available now at

After a very complex heist-style operation, our Sly Cooper 20th Anniversary plush has arrived in Europe! (If we didn't announce it, you'd never know he was there.)

New Legends of Localization Books available now at

Legends of Localization is back! Volume 3 of Clyde "Tomato" Mandelin and company's series on videogame localization dives into UNDERTALE's Japanese translation, with total access to Toby Fox and the localization team. Each page is filled with historical context, surprising language contrasts, and tons of behind-the-scenes detail, allowing you to watch the localization as it takes shape.

The Passport to UNDERTALE is massively expanded from previous LOL passports, with 240 pages of tips and data to turn the game into a language-learning aid. You'll get a dictionary of important words and phrases from the game, lessons on how to read hiragana and katakana, 150 critical kanji and their meaning, and more. Both books are available now!